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The Nude Alchemist

The. Nude. Alchemist. 

Despite the rumours, I am not nude (well, only occasionally). The brand is nude. Transparent. No preservatives, fillers, no synthetics – only natural ingredients. No greenwashing.

Alchemist. Alchemy is the ancient practice of transformation, the precursor to chemistry. Alchemy is the power to change or change things in a way which is seemingly a magical process. The symbol that represents the brand is derived from the philosophical symbol Sulphur, one of the three elements believed to exist within alchemy, a harmony of air and fire elements. Within the human body, Sulphur equates to the soul or life force. Looking at this principle within plants, this is reflected as essential oils. 

Essential oils are a strong focal point in most of the range as they harness the healing properties of nature that make the products what they are. 

All our products are made with all-natural botanical ingredients, and certified organic where possible, sourcing locally and right across the globe to maintain quality. 

Being organic means that the raw plants our ingredients are extracted from, have not been grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or growth enhancers. It also means that the plants have not been genetically modified. 

Using chemicals on crops damages the nutrient profile of the soil by stripping essential minerals out of it. Nutrients are only available in the plants if they are present in the soil. 

When YOU choose organic products, you are helping the earth that ultimately feeds us. 

When YOU choose The Nude Alchemist, you are choosing an eco-conscious small business that cares for the planet.

The Nude Alchemist
Booty Balm

Booty Balm is a baby-safe formulation to care for irritated red bottoms a.k.a. nappy rash. With nour..

2-3 Days


Calm Your Farm Calm Your Farm

The Nude Alchemist’s Calm Your Farm is designed to promote a relaxed state of mind, perfect for thos..

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Chest Rub

An all-natural and organic formulation to alleviate the congestion and discomfort from the common co..

In Stock


Cradle Cap Fighter

The Cradle Cap Fighter solution is formulated to help combat stubborn cradle cap. It contains 100% p..

In Stock


Eczema Relief

Soothes and calms dry, itchy skin conditions while moisturising and promoting skin regeneration. Thi..

Out Of Stock


Morning Sickness Slayer

Pregnant and dealing with morning sickness?Over the taste of every ginger-related food to try and co..

In Stock


Mumma's Milk Elixir

This 100% pure and natural blend is specially designed to help breastfeeding mothers increase their ..

In Stock


Teething Tamer

With all-natural sedative and pain-relieving properties, this organic formulation is ideal for child..

In Stock


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