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Frankie Apothecary

Michele created Frankie Apothecary organic skincare products for families with sensitive skin. These are her words - 

In New Zealand, we are lucky to live amongst so many native plants that harbour many medicinal healing qualities. Every Frankie product is infused with healing native plants that I forage for by hand using traditional techniques. I believe that this, along with zero unnecessary fillers like water, alcohols, nasty preservatives or chemicals and my use of organic ingredients, is the reason why so many families are seeing so much success with their dry and irritated skin. 

My story is a personal one. Frankie Apothecary was born from products that I made for my family who suffer with eczema and very sensitive skin. My daughter Eva's, story was such a common one; itchy dry patches on her knees and back led to tears every night as she would wake with blood on her sheets from scratching so much. 

After years of doctor visits, allergy tests, eliminating foods and trying every cream under the sun, I was desperate! Determined to bring her some relief, I spent hundreds of hours researching what was working overseas - a process that finally led me back to my own heritage and to embrace Rongoa (Maori herbal medicine) principles.

With the first product I created, Eva's dry, itchy, irritated skin cleared within a week. 

We are now able to keep her skin flare ups at bay with regular applications of my Kawakawa Balm and regular Oat Soaking. This business grew organically from there, with many local parents requesting a pot and before I knew it, I was getting orders from my local community and beyond. 

I have given up my previous life as a lawyer to bring you all on my mission to see every Mum experience the same results that I have had with Eva and Frankie. 

Michele x

Frankie Apothecary
Colloidal Oat Bath Soak - 200g

Colloidal oatmeal has been used for hundreds of years to soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin caused by..

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