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Night Nappies

The night nappies available at Nappy Heaven have been chosen because of their reliability.  These nappies have superior absorbency, allowing them to last 12-14hrs or more!  They are a must for heavy wetters, often better absorbency than popular brand disposable nappies.

The following information will help you to choose the right night nappy for your baby.

Firstly, you need to establish what level of overnight "wetter" you're dealing with.  A light wetter can wear almost any nappy overnight as their output is so low.  Babies that are being fed overnight are often heavier wetters and need a nappy that can deal with the level of absorbency required.  Fitted nappies (2-part system consisting of nappy and cover) are a popular overnight option.  The additional protection of a cover helps to prevent leaks and the fact that the whole nappy is made of absorbent materials means that it can often hold more.

Light Wetter - Can often wear nappies considered day nappies overnight without problems.  Nappies such as, itti bitti tutto, Pop-in without Night Booster, Pocket nappy with 1-2 inserts.

Average Wetter - An average wetter generally needs a nappy designed for using overnight or a fitted nappy and cover.  Options include TotsBots Bamboozle and cover or itti bitti boo and cover, Pikapu AIO.

Average to Heavy Wetter - Heavier wetters need more absorbent nappies.  Great options include Pop-in with Night Booster, itti bitti boo and cover, Bambooty Night Nappy, Pikapu AIO with 1-2 Pikapu boosters or Night Booster.

Heavy Wetter PLUS - The most absorbent night nappy available in New Zealand (in my opinion) is the Baby BeeHinds (BBH) Night Nappy.  It works most effectively teamed with a wool or fleece cover, however is also great with a PUL cover.

Most of the night nappies available at Nappy Heaven are easily boostable so if you find that your baby starts to wet more you can add additional boosters such a itti bitti mini boosters or TotsBots bamboo boosters - these will increase the absorbency without adding too much bulk.  Another option is to add a fleece or wool cover to a nappy that doesn't require one to be waterproof.  The fleece or wool covers help to absorb any excess moisture and prevent leaks.  Basically it's an additional barrier.  A PUL cover can be used in a similar way.

If your baby is wetting through a disposable nappy overnight and you want to try cloth, I would suggest the best place to start is with the BBH Night Nappy and cover.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Me.

Not sure what to buy?  Consider trying our Night Nappy Hire Kit - try all the most popular night nappies and see which ones suit your baby best!

Night Nappies
Imagine Newborn Bamboo Fitted 2.0 - Snap Closure Imagine Newborn Bamboo Fitted 2.0 - Snap Closure

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