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Specialising in modern cloth nappies and accessories, we also stock a wide range of specially selected complementary products including baby carriers, nappy bags, skin care and wellness products, laundry detergents and gifts.

Our focus is on sustainability and finding products we can bring to you that enable us to reduce our impact on the environment.

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It can be very daunting trying to choose from all the options when you're planning to use cloth nappies. We understand and have been there before!
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Caliwoods Safety Razor Caliwoods Safety Razor

 **PREORDER NOW! Shipping late October**  **FREE BLADE REFILL PACK (20 blades valued at $8.50) WITH ALL PREORDERS**The last razor you will ever buy! Completely plastic-free and makes shaving a breeze. 1 x Stainless Safety Razor - Copper or Stainless5 x Stainless Steel Blades 1 x Blade Return Envelope *Refill Blades Pack FREE for preorders only!* Why you will LOVE the CaliWoods Razor;Simple screw mechanism and two top holding plates - super durable and there are no parts that will break.Plastic free. No more disposable plastic shavers filling our landfills and oceans - just replace the blades.Caliwoods take back your blades. Use, Dry, Post, Repurpose. Once you have 40 or more blades, simply post them back to us. We accept them even if they are from another brand. Considering the end-of-life of a product and closing the waste loop is part of our product stewardship - getting the good stuff going here in NZ.Choose from two colours; Stainless Steel or Copper.Unisex! Great for Men's and Women's shaving.Refill blade packs available.Blade Take-Back Program: We take Sustainability seriously. In this world, it's impossible to be perfect when the whole system seems to be against our best intentions. BUT...something as small as changing your razor can save hundreds of pieces of plastic every year.Better yet, if you send your used blades back to Caliwoods clean and dry they will repurpose or recycle them!1. USE - Use, love and shave sustainably until the blades until they are no longer sharp enough for the job. 2. DRY - Clean the blade and dry thoroughly 3. POST - The Blades back to us! Once you have 40 or more, seal the supplied envelope and wrap it into another (so the postman/postwoman hands are safe) then post your blades back to CaliWoods. 4. REPURPOSE - This bit is our job. Most councils and recycling centres don't accept single blades as they are too small and are a pretty serious hazard for the workers. Using people power and the magic of squirrelling these blades away over time, we have a few ideas for using the material and/or there will be enough to feasibly recycle.Instructions For Use: 1. Unscrew the head of the razor from the handle. 2. Place blades between he two top plates, holding by the blunt edges. 3. Screw the handle back on and shave away!4. Replace the blade when it goes blunt. On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, more for fine hair. 5. Rinse shaver after each use of the soap, hair and gunk and let dry. The Technical Details: Stainless Steel Razor is made from Type 304Copper Razor is made from Stainless Steel Type 304 and has Copper electroplated within the stainless. The Copper isn't a layer and cannot 'come off'. Dimensions - 9.4cm Handle, 4.4cm Blade Holding PlateSecure screw in blade with 2 top holding plates for durability and safety. The blade is held tightly between these two plates. This is better than Butterfly mechanism razors - they don't last as long when the screw mechanism fails. FAQ's About Using A CaliWoods Stainless Steel or Copper Safety Razor: I'm nervous about using one. How do they work?Just like a normal razor. There are razors on two sides of the head. Simply use a light drag across the skin for all shaving needs. See safety below. How safe are they? Will it cut me?These safety razors are as safe as a razor can be. Please note that you will not need to push the razor onto the skin like you do with a plastic one, simply let the weight of the stainless steel do the job with a light drag along the skin. How do I replace the blade?You unscrew the head of the razor from the handle, place blades between he two top plates, holding by the blunt edges. Screw the handle back on and shave away!How often do I replace the blade? On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, more for fine hair. Is it as good as a plastic razor?Better! As it is more durable, will be the last shaver you ever buy and has a great close shave. Are the Safety Razors good for men, women or both?Yes! Great for both the guys and the girls. Will my Safety Razor rust?The Holding Plates and Handle of the Razor will not rust. The blades may rust after a time given they are often stored wet. When this happens simply give any rust a generous rub with a towel, or an emery cloth. Why should I make the switch?Say hello to awesome, low waste shaves and goodbye to all those plastic razors and refill heads. Not only will you be reducing your waste but the using a CaliWoods Safety Razor will save you money too - all you need to replace is the blade!Can I use regular soap?Yes. The shaver is made from Stainless Steel so soap will not damage it and there will be enough suds to make it work well. For the face some people might prefer a thicker shaving cream. We recommend that you rinse the shaver well after each use. How many blades does each razor come with?You get 5 blades with each Razor just to get you started. We recommend buying a Razor Blade Refill Pack at the same time your order your Razor. These means you won't run out of razor blades quickly, you maximise on shipping as well as reduce shipping packaging and courier carbon miles. Are there any tips and tricks so I master these low waste shaves faster?Don't push with the shaver like you do with plastic ones. The weight of the stainless steel means a gentle drag will give you a close shave. Getting used to the angle at which you hold the razor is key. After a couple of shaves you will get the hang on it!..


Rumparooz One-Size Nappy Cover - Hope

The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Nappy Cover is designed to grow with your baby, fitting from 6lb-35+lb  (2.7kg-16kg).Features:Generously sized and fit over any fitted or prefold nappy.Covers may be used multiple times before washing.Cover should be placed into the laundry if it become soiled.  When wet, the Rumparooz Diaper Cover can be wiped dry...


Rumparooz One-Size Nappy Cover - Sebastian

The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Nappy Cover is designed to grow with your baby, fitting from 6lb-35+lb  (2.7kg-16kg).Features:Generously sized and fit over any fitted or prefold nappy.Covers may be used multiple times before washing.Cover should be placed into the laundry if it become soiled.  When wet, the Rumparooz Diaper Cover can be wiped dry...


Block Dock - Wide Mirror Finish Block Dock - Wide Mirror Finish

Meet chrome's best match. The Block Dock - Mirror Finish.The Wide Block Dock vertical soap dish fits bars up to 4cm in depth – the shortest side of your bar. It’s a good fit for Ethique Shampoo and Bodywash bars, SimpleNakedSoap bars, Fair + Square Soapery bars, Dr Bronner’s, Dirty Hippie shampoo bars and all other wide bars and holds all slim ones. If your bar is extra wide, long or heavy it’s easier to use and lasts longer if cut in two.A suction cup comes with the Block Dock to enable wall mounting. How to Get the Best From Your Block Dock & BarsWe are committed to long life, low waste solutions. The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish as an everlasting solution made in 304 stainless steel  It's designed for bathroom conditions and will stay in tip top condition if you wipe it clean from time to time (by finger or cloth, it's your choice).The stainless steel Block Docks are dishwasher safe (sans suction cup).  Block Docks are 100% recyclable at end of life, though not the suction cup sadly.  The Suction CupWhile the Block Dock can stand upright on any flat surface, it does its best work when side mounted on non-textured walls with its suction cup. Each Block Dock is shipped with one 52mm pvc suction cup. Wipe the surface you intend to adhere the Block Dock to*. Wet the back and press where you want it. It will adhere to glass, acrylic, vitreous china, steel, most smooth tiles, and mirror. When you want to change the location just lift the small tag and the suction will break. If you have a Shower Dome, you'll want to give your bars some time outside the shower to harden. Constant moisture is an enemy of bars.If your surface won't suction (e.g. textured tiles, paint) then try a 3M wet/dry strip available at Storage Box or a hardware store, or if your surface allows it, a suitably sized flat head screw.  The surface needs to be flat/non-textured or the suction cup won't be able to form the vacuum it needs to adhere and stay strong.*For some surfaces you'll be best to use isopropyl alcohol on the wall surface and the back of the suction cup. Pop the suction cup up by itself and leave it overnight. Then slot the Block Dock onto it the next day through the keyhole. After you know it will stay, add your bar and you're away laughing. To remove the suction cup just lift the small tag on the edge to break the vacuum.Block Dock PlacementWater is the mortal enemy of soap. So, to make sure your bar lasts and lasts, pick a location to suction your Block Dock which is outside the direct water spray. For example, above and to the side of the shower head - but still reachable. Where you can, wet yourself then use your dry bar straight from the Block Dock. It doesn't need extra time under water. Pop it back in your Dock to drain.In basins and sinks find a spot inside the bowl at the back near the faucet but not in direct line of the water. This placement keeps your surfaces clear and makes washing your hands clean and simple.    ..


Snappi Nappy Fastener Snappi Nappy Fastener

The BENEFITS of the Snappi include: SAFER THAN PINS – no more pin pricks for baby or parent! RELIABLE – creates a snug fitting nappy to prevent leaks ECONOMICAL – allows for a less expensive cloth nappy system with regular prefold/flat diapers SIMPLE – only one item needed to fasten a nappy, which can be done with one hand EASY to use – allows first time parents and grandparents/carers to fasten nappies with ease.    Directions for Use: STRETCH the Snappi fastener before its first use. The stretching triggers the ‘memory’ of the Snappi to return to its original size, and in doing so, will pull the nappy to the middle to allow for a snug fit. It also makes it more pliable/elastic and therefore easier to use. This is essential for the Snappi to work properly. Holding the nappy in place with one hand, attach the Snappi with the other hand in 3 simple easy steps: Attach/hook left Attach/hook right Pull down and attach/hook centre. In other words, the Snappi fastener should go from a ‘T’ shape to a ‘Y’ shape.   When attaching the Snappi, hold onto the solid part of the tab.  DO NOT pull on the loops. Make sure that the Snappi teeth have gripped properly into the nappy fabric and that it is ATTACHED SECURELY with all 3 arms. The 3 points of tension are important as it is the third arm that will help prevent the Snappi from coming undone. By following these instructions, the Snappi should be secure and the nappy will fit snugly. It is ESSENTIAL to use a cover over the nappy and Snappi fastener. Snappis WORK BEST with terry cloth nappies, prefolds, and any other cloth nappies with a loose enough weave for the Snappi to hook into.  They DO NOT work well with tightly woven nappies, or nappies made from delicate fibres.  They are only recommended for nappies where the nappy fabric is thick enough that the teeth on the grips do not touch baby’s skin...


Best Bottom Insert - Stay Dry

The Best Bottom Stay Dry Insert consists of 4 layers of super thirsty microfibre topped with a super soft no-pill fleece pulling wetness away from baby's bottom keeping them feeling dry. Available in 3 sizes: Small - birth to 6.3kg Medium - 5kg to 10kg Large - 7.2kg to 16kg Despite Best Bottom indicating that the large fits from 7.2kg, we have found it to be quite bulky until about 9kg+. The large is ideally suited when the cover is set to the last rise setting or fully unsnapped - although it does work ok on the smaller rise settings, just isn't as trim.  ..


Rockin Green Classic Rock Rockin Green Classic Rock

Please note you may receive old packaging while we transition to the new branding! The ideal detergent for people with soft to moderate water.  Our gentle yet powerful plant based formula contains no phosphates, optical brighteners, SLS/SLES, parabens, or artificial fragrances, and all our ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is just as safe for you and your family as it is for the environment.  Comes in a 1.3kg (45oz) pouch, which will do up to 90 loads per bag. Clean rinsing formula leaves nothing behind, and is ideal for sensitive skin.  Even our scents are clean rinsing, so all you are left with is clean, fresh laundry, not harsh irritating chemicals. Highly concentrated and made for all washing machines, including HE. Contains no fillers or dyes, so all you need is a few tablespoons per load.  Baby and kid safe, perfect for washing cloth nappies and other delicate baby clothing. All of our products are cruelty free and vegan, and never tested on animals. The Smashing Watermelon scent captures the essence of sweet, juicy watermelon and will remind you of summer days and smiling faces.  This sugary, bright smell is great for those of you enjoy living on the sweeter side of life! AC/DSea Breeze scent (formally known as Motley Clean) is uplifting, exciting, and invigorating! This clean blend has hints of ocean breeze and fresh linen, it's just like a bottle of sunshine!  Clean-rinsing Lavender Mint Revival scent is an ideal sensitive skin detergent, combining calming lavender and captivating mint perfectly in this special aroma-therapeutic blend. Whether you are washing cloth nappies or freshening your everyday clothes, let your laundry stress just melt away when you open up a bag. The Unscented formula is free of any fragrances, so if you are looking for a highly effective, fragrance free detergent, this is the one for you!     ..


Best Bottom Insert - Hemp/Organic Cotton

The Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. This insert is so trim you will be able to have your baby wear jeans again! Please note that hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing. Available in 3 sizes: Small - birth to 6.3kg Medium - 5kg to 10kg Large - 7.2kg to 16kg Despite Best Bottom indicating that the large fits from 7.2kg, we have found it to be quite bulky until about 9kg+. The large is ideally suited when the cover is set to the last rise setting or fully unsnapped - although it does work ok on the smaller rise settings, just isn't as trim...


Boobie Blend

**Discounted due to Best Before date of 30 July 19** Can safely be used after this dateThe Lactation Station Boobie Blend is the perfect way to pack in all the essential nutrients that breastfeeding mothers need into every meal.Add 1 Tablespoon to smoothies, juices, cereals, dinners, anything you choose and you’ll be getting an amazing boost of omega-3, fibre, magnesium, manganese, copper, protein and zinc.Flaxmeal, Brewers yeast, Pumpkin seeds.  CONTAINS gluten-containing cereals...

$5.00 $7.80

Christmas Lamington Socks -  Dasher

We love Dasher, the Lamington 'Crew'  2016 Christmas sock. Team with your fave Christmas 'Jumper' for that winning family photo. The perfect Christmas Gift for friends and family overseas. New Zealand Made, 70% Merino wool, sizes knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose!..

$10.47 $14.95

Christmas Lamington Socks - Blitzen

Too cute - Lamington's Fair Isle inspired 2016 Christmas sock. Team with your fave Christmas 'Jumper' for that winning family photo. The perfect Christmas Gift for friends and family overseas. New Zealand Made, 70% Merino wool, sizes knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose!..

$11.17 $15.95

Ecobubs Essentials Newborn Nappy - Natural Lining Ecobubs Essentials Newborn Nappy - Natural Lining

An affordable newborn nappy from Ecobubs! Features: Newborn nappy fits from 2.5kg to 8kg*. Great prints and rainbow colours.Natural bamboo/organic cotton lining for extra absorbency or synthetic microfleece stay-dry lining to keep baby feeling dry. All-in-Two nappy with snap-in bamboo/organic cotton insert. Front snapping with 2 rows of snaps for a great fit around the waist and legs A thirsty snap-in bamboo/organic cotton insert included; The insert also fits in the Ecobubs Essentials One-Size nappy and can be used as a booster for extra absorbency when your baby moves into the One-Size. "Wrap and Snap" system - when soiled, roll up and snap the wings together using the crossover snap to create a tidy little package. Great when out and about.Designed in NZ. Ethically made in China.*depending on baby's shape and wetting habits, they may out-wet the nappy before they outgrow it. The small insert from the one-size nappy can be snapped into the newborn nappy for extra absorbency in a smaller sized nappy.**the natural fibre lining may wick in tight fitting bodysuits when the insert is saturated.Ecobubs Essentials are also available in bundles and bulk packs - please see Value Packs...

$12.50 $16.50

BBH Night Nappy BBH Night Nappy

If your baby is a heavy wetter and you need a heavy duty nappy to cope with the long night hours, we’re sure they'll love these specifically designed night time nappies. They truly offer incredible absorbency, with up to 23 layers of bamboo fleece right in the wet zone where it is needed most!  As this nappy is a fitted nappy, the whole nappy is absorbent, and therefore a cover is required over the top to keep baby’s clothing and bedding dry.  Have a look at our range of wool, fleece and PUL covers. Made from luscious bamboo fleece, with an outer layer of velvety organic cotton velour and an inner lining of buttery soft microfleece, your baby will sleep comfortably with a dry bum.  Baby BeeHinds Night Nappies fasten at the side using great quality resin snaps.  Side snapping nappies are great as they allow babies who have chubby or lean thighs alike to get a perfect fit.  The waist and leg settings can be fastened independently, so if baby has a little waist but big thighs- that’s okay- this nappy can still provide a beautiful fit! Features: Fitted design  (cover required) Soaker pad snaps out for better cleaning and faster drying time. Sized small, medium and large to allow best fit Certified Organic Cotton / Polyester outer (soft, velvety velour fabric), micro-fleece inner (soft, and 'stay-dry' to draw wetness away from baby's skin) with soaker pad made from bamboo fleece (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester) topped with microfleece. Resin snap closure- side snaps allow independent fastening at waist and thigh Sizing: Medium - 5kg-11kg Large - 10kg-16kg..


Bambooty Bamboo Booster

3 layers of thick bamboo and organic cotton overlocked together add extra absorbency. suedecloth topped to provide a stay dry layer these can be used for adding absorbency, or to help the nappies fit earlier on if the size is slightly large simply place the booster where it is needed, eg - tummy sleepers need more absorbency towards the front, so place the booster accordingl  ..


Basic - 3 Nappy Options

The Basic Trial Pack contains:     3 nappies of your choice. And FREE shipping! Saving you about 15%! Please state your nappy colour/print/size details in the comments field at checkout. We will contact you if your first choice is not available. Terms: There must be 3 different brands in the trial pack. There may be a surcharge for certain colours/prints, eg: limited editions Trial Packs do not accrue reward points. Specialty nappies are not included, such as Rarpz Monster Pups, Pupidu nappies. You will be advised if you have selected a nappy that is not included. Only ONE Trial Pack per family...


TotsBots Bamboozles - Natural

The most Natural comfort and Natural fit! The ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby. Totsbots have done it again with this supersoft bamboozle. It is made from gorgeous s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y bamboo giving fantastic absorbency, yet slim fitting. It is the perfect 'anytime' nappy and will last the night no problem too with the addition of an extra booster. It is easy to see why this nappy won the Mother & Baby Gold in the Best Reusable nappy category for the last 2 years. Now available in vibrant colours too.     Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch — fabulous fit every time     Hook & Loop fastening — just like a disposable     Optional Birth to potty — The Size 2 fits from 4.5kg by adjusting the poppers on the front     Hidden minky core and pop in bamboo booster increases absorbency     Fabric is more durable than terry bamboo     Stays softer longer, great for hard water areas     You will need to use a waterproof wrap/cover with this nappy The size 2 is known as a birth to potty nappy because it has adjustable domes at the front so you can make it smaller.  This option is great if you are looking to save money by just buying one size but it can be a bit bulky in the early days...