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Best Bottom

Ease right into potty training by snapping your medium Best Bottom Nappy Inserts in your Best Bottom Training Pants.  This allows for a substantial amount of absorbency for early learning.  Once your little one is getting the hang of it, transition them to your small Best Bottom Nappy Inserts to catch their smaller accidents.

Before you know it, they will be feeling like a big kid and ready for the Best Bottom snap-in FeelWET™ training pants inserts!  These will catch small accidents with their thirsty microfibre, but are topped with cute cotton flannel prints to allow them to feel wet.  The prints and patterns not only coordinate with their training pant, but deter them from having accidents!  "Don't pee on the puppies and whales!"

Best Bottom
Best Bottom Toilet Training Kit - Grape Best Bottom Toilet Training Kit - Grape

The Best Bottom Potty Training Kit contains one Training Pant in your choice of size and 3 colo..

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