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Sonny Angels










Sonny Angel is a cute boy with headgear from Japan. He doesn’t talk to you, but Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful. As your tiny friend, Sonny Angel is always by your side, to protect you, give you comfort, and make you smile… that is Sonny Angel’s mission.

There are 8 different Sonny Angel series in total - 4 Animal Series, Fruit, Flower, Marine and Vegetable Series. In addition, if you include previous limited editions series and the seasonal limited edition series, the total reaches over 300 dolls.

A major feature of Sonny Angels is that each series consists of 12 different headgear in “blind box packaging”. You do not know which one you will get until you open the package. It is exciting and fun to see what is in there.

Each series includes a “secret version” which appears randomly. In addition, “special secret versions” exist and they are only 10, 50 or 100 in the whole world. They often command a premium in the collectible market.

Limited Editions of Sonny Angel are released seasonally, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. They are limited in quantity and dressed up with special design like a Santa Claus.



Robby Angel is a close friend of Sonny Angel. He can change his body color by himself, camouflage like a chameleon, and even transform himself. He is able to imitate Sonny Angel's head so easily!




Sonny Angels

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