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Figgy & Co

Figgy & Co Bench Spray - 500ml

This is the perfect non-toxic cleaner for where you cook and eat! Made with only natural products, i..

$11.55 $16.50

Figgy & Co Cleaning Paste - 500g

Once you go cleaning paste you’ll never go back! This paste is so versatile it can literally be used..

$10.15 $14.50

Figgy & Co Coconut Bar Soap

Our Figgy Bar Soap is batch poured using 100% coconut oil and is full of cleaning greatness. Figgy u..

$4.20 $6.00

Figgy & Co Dishwasher Powder - 1kg

Figgy’s made you the ultimate natural dishwasher powder, with all the cleaning credentials you’d exp..

$12.25 $17.50

Figgy & Co Home Cleaning Liquid Soap (castile)

Our 500ml bottle now comes in glass!This liquid cleaning soap is made by Figgy with love! We use an ..

$13.30 $19.00

Figgy & Co Laundry Powder - 750g

Need Figgy goodness quickly - well look no further. Figgy & Co Laundry Powder is as eco-friendly..

$10.85 $15.50

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