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Sassy Pants

Sassy Pants are nappies for the brave, carefree adventurers who live life to the full. They are inspired by the thumb suckers, the daisy pickers, the mischief-makers; who brighten a room with their smile.

We stand with parents who are the game changers, the ones who boldly dare to defy the norm of our throwaway culture. Those who want more money in their pocket and less impact on the environment. Sassy Pants are cloth nappies your way.  Use them once a day or all the time. It’s up to you. No guilt, no regrets, no rules.

Sassy Pants
Sassy Pants One-Size Nappy - Microfibre/Bamboo Sassy Pants One-Size Nappy - Microfibre/Bamboo

Features:One-size cloth nappy fitting from 4kg-15kg, depending on your baby's individual size and sh..

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