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Fluffy Ducks

We have always been an environmentally conscious family and so cloth nappies was always going to be a thing we did with our babies.

Plans and designs went in the making for a nappy that is functional, stylish, premium and makes cloth easy to use without the bulk.  Fluffy Ducks was born. Literally and Figuratively, our second son was soon born, he had a lot of hair which stuck up on end and the name 'fluffy duck' stuck.

Fluffy Ducks is 100% New Zealand family owned with the prints hand selected and designed by us along with our local graphic designer mama. Our stock is ethically sourced and made offshore using premium, baby soft bamboo and organic cotton. Only the best for our little ducks.

Fluffy Ducks was born with a mission to bring back cloth. Making it easy while bringing joy, style and a little sass into the chaos that is known as parenthood.

Fluffy Ducks

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