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Bonbon Air Fresheners Bonbon Air Fresheners

Bonbon air freshener oh you are going to love the smell! Mist your home, car and pet areas to have t..


Bonbon Bath & Shower Whip - Creme Brulee

Dipping into a pot of Creme Brulee is heaven, scoop out some exfoliating sugar syrup topping and cre..


Bonbon Blackhead & Pore Mask Stick

Targets Enlarged Pores, Blackheads and Oily Spots with Deep Cleaning Activated Charcoal , Clay & Ess..


Bonbon Body Butter - Hot Chocolate

Hot like Chocolate. A rich decadent body butter to moisturise skin in the delightful way and smells ..


Bonbon Body Butter - Pavlova

A rich decadent body butter to help re-hydrate your skin in a delightful way and smells and feels li..


Bonbon Body Butter - Peaches & Cream

A Delightful and creamy whipped body butter that will have you smelling good enough to eat. Scented ..


Bonbon Body Wash & Shave Mousse - Unicorn Fluff

Unicorn Fluff – Body Wash & Shave Mousse 200ML I smell like bubblegum, I am think like a pudding mo..


Bonbon Body Wash - Birthday Cake

Fluffy Body Wash with a sweet butter frosting fragrance… yum! The soft creamy textured body wash cre..


Bonbon Body Wash - Choc Mint Whip

Hey Choc & Mint lover..  you are about to go to heaven with this luxury shower & bath whip. Use a sm..


Bonbon Body Wash - Lemon Tart Whip

Luxury Bath Whip with real Lemon Essential Oil… yum, enriched with Cocoa butter and Shea Butter. Thi..


Bonbon Body Wash - Milk & Cookies

Delicious sweet vanilla body wash whipped up with Chocolate chip soap sprinkles, just the treat to g..


Bonbon Body Wash - Peach Crumble

Hey Peach lovers, get yourself the ultimate shower or bath treat. Soft whipped peach scented body wa..


Bonbon Chocolate Soap Bar - Mocha Latte

Handmade ‘Chocolate Bar’ Soap that looks and smells like a mocha coffee latte yum!  Enriched with Co..


Bonbon Clay & Charcoal Facial Bar

Your daily weapon against breakouts and oily skin. Activated Charcoal and Clay go deep to trap impur..


Bonbon Coffee Scrub - Body & Face

Delicious luxury  Coffee Scrub -each ingredient has been chosen to smooth, buff and condition your s..

$17.09 $18.99

Bonbon Daily Dollop

Apply me lovingly to your freshly cleansed face and  neck massaging in morning and night.I’m not too..

$13.49 $14.99

Bonbon Daily Dollop (new packaging)

I’m a delicious face cream and I’ll treat you just right, I’m nourishing food for your face every..


Bonbon Deodorant - Butter Balm

Gorgeous natural ingredients come together with delicious scented essential oils to fight bacteria &..

$12.00 $16.00

Bonbon Deodorant - Rose Berry

I’m a creamy deodorant for underarms any time, with natural odor fighters, I’ll keep you smelling be..


Bonbon Deodorant - Seaside Whisky

I’m a creamy deodorant for underarms any time, with natural odor fighters, I’ll keep you smelling fr..


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