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About Us

I'm Amelia, Mum to Logan (2010), Penny (2012), Sean (2014) and our last baby, Daisy (2018).  I started using cloth nappies shortly after Logan was born in 2010.  

While pregnant I decided that I wanted my children to use cloth nappies, as I had as a baby, and I researched all the different types.  While I totally understand that disposable nappies have their place (and I used them occasionally) I much prefer the idea of my children growing up with limited exposure to the chemicals used in disposables.  Not to mention the overwhelming positive benefits to the environment!

What I didn't realise when starting out with cloth was how addictive it was going to be!!

I have tried every type of nappy and many brands and can give you sound advice based on experience.  I have now used cloth nappies on 4 babies from newborn!  Together we can establish the best nappies for your individual situation.

If you have any questions at all about cloth nappies or anything we stock please let me know - getting ready for a new baby can be a confusing time!

You can contact me via the website, email (, Facebook or Instagram.

Amelia x