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Hurraw! Lip Balm

Hurraw! Balm started out of pure intent; an obsession to create the perfect balm: truly natural, vegan, made from premium raw and organic ingredients. It also had to meet some tough criteria...

To ensure the quality and integrity of our product, they individually pour each tube of Hurraw! balm in their own facility. Their priority is to make Hurraw! the finest balm available... a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle. 

Let's put the concept ahead of the profit, the user ahead of the maker, the collective ahead of the individual.


Hurraw! Lip Balm
Hurraw! Lip Balm - Black Cherry

Ruby gems!  In July, delicious black cherries grace us with their sweet presence straight from ..


Hurraw! Lip Balm - Chai Spice

Nothing compares to the spicy-magical-garam-masala-ness of chai tea! It's been a favorite since we f..


Hurraw! Lip Balm - Coconut

Rich, raw coconut oil enriches the fabulous flavor of this balm and continues to put it at the top o..


Hurraw! Lip Balm - Moon Balm

Extra thick, creamy and rich; this balm has some serious staying power. The Vanilla and Peru Bals..


Hurraw! Lip Balm - Papaya Pineapple

Hurraw! papaya pineapple balm contains over 60% cold pressed papaya seed oil which has loads of mois..


Hurraw! Lip Balm - Vanilla Bean

The gorgeous vanilla orchid bloom lasts only one day and must be pollinated within twelve hours in o..


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