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Tui Baby Balm
Especially made for baby’s delicate skin. Great for all-over and for baby's bum! Formulated with nat..
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Tui Balm - Baby Pack
Ideal for mums, dads and their precious one. Uses: This collection is a real treat for any n..
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Tui Balm - Women's Blend Body Balm
A popular blend formulated for PMT, menopause, nerves, rheumatism and swollen ankles & feet. ..
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Tui Balms - Lip Balm
An effective balm for the prevention and healing of cracked, chapped, sunburnt and dry lips. Co..
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Tui Bee Balm
An excellent all-natural healing, soothing and barrier salve. The propolis used in Bee Balm, is ofte..
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Tui Bug Balm
A repellent of sandflies, mosquitos and other insects. It is all-natural, mild and soothing, making ..
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