Gift Registry

Do you have friends and family asking what they can buy for your new baby?

Do they want to get you something more personal than a gift voucher? Something you really need?

That's where the Nappy Heaven Gift Registry comes in!

Simply visit our site, fill your cart with all the goodies you'd love to get for your baby and follow the simple instructions below. Within a few days, we'll provide you with a link that you can share with your friends and family so they can come to the site, choose from your list of items and purchase whatever they like as their gift to you...knowing that it's something you really want.

As the recipient, you choose the date the registry closes. Perhaps you have a baby shower coming up and would like everything that is purchased delivered in time for that, or you're happy for it to remain open after your baby is born, for those who would prefer to get a gift when the new baby has arrived.


Ready to set up your Gift Registry? Read these important points.

  • Simply fill your cart with the products that you would like available to purchase on your gift registry, including quantities, sizes and colours, where appropriate. If there is something out of stock, please note it in the comments field when checking out and we can add it later.
  • Please ensure that the shipping address used, is the one that you would like the goods sent to.
  • Please decide on a closing date for the gift registry and put this date in the comments field. Please anticipate that it could take up to 3 working days for you to receive your items after the closing date.
  • Under the shopping cart, use code: REGISTRY when checking out. This will discount your cart in full so you don't have to pay anything to create your registry and send it through to us.
  • Once received, we will create a link, using your name, on our Gift Registry Page which can be shared with friends and family. Clicking this link will bring up your list of chosen products which can be put in the cart and taken through the checkout process for purchase.
  • Please note, that it is important for purchases to put your name in the comments field when checking out so we can identify them as buying for you.
  • All items purchased will ship together after the closing date and this shipping is free of charge. If any purchaser would like theirs sent immediately, the standard shipping rates would apply.
  • The names of those who have purchased gifts from your registry will be included in the package, unless otherwise requested.


Please get in touch if you have any questions about the Gift Registry process -

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